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Orange Tie Dye Scrunchie

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At Dinkie Peach we love accessorising! So, what better way than making matching scrunchies for all of your favourite bikinis. 

The scrunchies are made from fabric cut-offs that help with our fabric wastage and sustainability and they have a cute branded label on the seam what more could you want?

The scrunchies are made from the same fabric as the bikini, they are super soft and delicate in your hair.

All items are handmade and can take 4 weeks to make however if you are just ordering a scrunchie we try and get them out asap   

Key points

⭐️ Matching scrunchie to your bikini.

⭐️ Handmade to order.

⭐️ Beautiful vibrant prints are available. 

⭐️ Branded logo label on the seam of scrunchie