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💖Get To Know Us💖
The Gal Behind The Brand 

✨Our Story ✨

My brand started in March 2019, out of the need to find the perfect bikini to suit my body type. I could not for the life of me find a bikini to fit my large top and smaller waist from all the fast fashion websites around... So, I decided to make my own. From that one bikini, a dream was born. 

I realised that there must be more girls out there like me that couldn't find any bikinis to fit them on fast fashion websites... 

At Dinkie Peach we allow you to select individual sizes for your top and bottoms and we even can make your items to your measurements! 

If you've been here from the start you might recognise the name Belle Beachwear, that was us. We eventually outgrew that name and now we are known as Dinkie Peach! 

✨Designed For Everyone ✨

Dinkie Peach is designed for everyone. From people who are jetting off on holiday and love the beach. To people who love to go to raves. During the years we have branched out to not just swimwear and now we make clothing items for festivals, events and raves! 

When ordering from us please don't worry we can cater for any size and shape! If you don't see your size in our drop-down or would like your order to be made to specific measurements you can always pop us an email at info@dinkiepeach.com or DM us on insta @shopdinkiepeach 

✨Customer Love ✨

One of the best things about running a business is seeing your creations on your customers. I absolutely LOVE receiving pics of you in your outfits! 

If you do get a picture of one of our products make sure you tag us on instagram @shopdinkiepeach or if you are private send us a DM! 

We also love working with influencers! So if you love our brand and want to work with us send an email to info@dinkiepeach.com or a DM to @shopdinkiepeach

✨Work with us ✨

At Dinkie Peach we are always interested in working with new talent and influencers. We look out for people of all sizes and shapes who genuinely love our brand. By sharing the love and engaging with our brand through comments, likes and dm's we notice who we would like to work with. 

If you love our brand and would like to promote for us pop us an email at info@dinkiepeach.com or DM us on insta @shopdinkiepeach 

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