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At Dinkie Peach we love accessorising! So, what better way than making matching scrunchies for all of your favourite bikinis. 

The scrunchies are made from fabric cut-offs that help with our fabric wastage and sustainability and they have a cute branded label on the seam what more could you want?
  1. Cow print scrunchies with logo label in seam
  1. Flower power scrunchies
  1. Blue tidal wave scrunchies
  1. Pastel sorbet scrunchies
  1. Pink peach print scrunchies -Peach please
  1. Hand designed bright pink and lime scrunchies with logo
  1. Pink and purple ripple scrunchies
  1. Sun print scrunchies
  1. Pink and red checkmate scrunchies
  1. Tropical Punch Scrunchie
  1. Trippy Picnic Scrunchie
  1. Mystic Haze Scrunchie
  1. Electronic Waves Scrunchie
  1. Ocean Eyes Scrunchie
  1. Dragon flames print scrunchies
  1. Orange tie dye scrunchie with logo
  1. Red and pink zebra scrunchies
  1. Tequila sunrise scrunchies
  1. Green electric scrunchies
  1. Pink oil spill scrunchies